zANTI APK Download – Free zANTI Premium APK v2.5.0 Download

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zAnti APK Free Download

zANTI APK Download – Free zANTI Premium APK v2.5.0 Download, zANTI is a penetration testing and Cyber Security tool developed by the Zimperium Mobile Security. zANTI APK allow you to simulate malicious attacks on a network.

zANTI is basically developed by Zimperium mobile security, and using zANTI APK you may be able to perform some cybersecurity attacks like MITM attacks, MAC address spoofing, scanning, password auditing, vulnerability checks and much more. In short, this android toolkit is a perfect companion for hackers.

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License / Price: Shareware
Version: 2.4.1
Language: English
File size: 16.3 MB
Developer: ZANTI Diagnostics
OS: Android

Android Network Toolkit (zANTI 2.0) is an award-winning mobile penetration testing toolkit that enables IT Security managers and Pentesters to perform complex security audits and simulates advanced hackers’ capabilities in an organization’s network through a user-friendly mobile app.

zANTI APK – Features of zANTI Premium APK:

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  • MAC Address Change: You can easily change the MAC address of your device and in the network using zANTI Premium APK.
  • Malicious Wifi Hotspot: Using zANTI APK, You can create a malicious wifi hotspot network. You can even perform even some more cybersecurity tricks using zANTI APK.
  • HTTP Session: Using zANTI APK, You can even hijack someone’s HTTP Session.
An HttpSession object can hold conversational state across multiple requests from the same client. In other words, it persists for an entire session with a specific client. We can use it to store everything we get back from the client in all the requests the client makes during a session.
  • Capture Downloads: You can even capture and monitor the downloads, incoming and outgoing traffic in a network. Even you can modify the requests.
  • Modify HTTP Requests & Parameters: You can use zANTI APK, to modify & change HTTP Requests and Parameter in Network.
  • Exploit Routers: zANTI APK can be used to exploit routers too. You can even perform DDOS Attacks on routers and make it down too.
  • Audits Password: You can audit passwords in incoming and outgoing traffic in a network.

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zANTI APK – Cyber Threat Detection & Analysis Tool:

zANTI APK is a cyber threat detection and analysis tool which is used by cybersecurity experts and penetration testing purpose. Using zANTI APK, you can perform various cyber attacks like HTTP Session Hijack, Exploit Routers, Perform Middle Man Attacks and much More.

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zANTI System Requirments:


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Requires Android version:Android Version v4.0 or Higher
File Size: 1.7 GB
Processor:1.7 Ghz +
Video Accelerator:Adreno and Mali-T628.
Security Settings Disclosure For many of zANTI’s features to function, zANTI must change the SELinux configuration on your device. We put the device into “permissive” mode so that certain commands are allowed to run. Other apps running on your device could maliciously take advantage of this lessened security setting for nefarious purposes. For this and other reasons, we highly recommend that you dedicate a device to your penetration testing activities.

 zANTI APK Download for Android:

So here you’ll find the direct download link of zANTI APK for android. After following the above system requirement you can now download zANTI APK if your device is compatible with this software.

Below you’ll find the download link to zANTI APK, Just click on the link to start downloading the zANTI APK for free.

Download zANTI APK

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is zANTI recognized by Malware as a Threat?

zANTI is an application which records the user data and sends it to the administrator or attacker (You who installed zANTI). Sharing those personal data and files of other peoples is generally not a behavior of an app. And that’s why antivirus reports this app as malware virus or spyware.

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How Much I Pay to Download zANTI APK?

On their official website, zANTI is available for a little cost. BUt here at MyTechTalky, we had provided you the latest version of zANTI APK tool free of cost. You can just download the zANTI APK and use it on n number of devices.

Is zANTI APP is Safe to Use?

Probably Not, zANTI App is available for penetration tester and for cybersecurity professionals to perform their tasks. Using this app by non-professionals and noobies for harmful use is illegal.

How to Install zANTI APK?

  • Step #1: Download The APK:

First of all download the zANTI APK from the above link. It will automatically start downloading APK and save to local downloads folder.

  • Step #2: Check the Unknown Source:

Make sure the unknown source is “check” or “on” in your device. If you’re not sure is it on or off, check settings>security>unknown source.

If the unknown source is off, make sure to check it.

  • Step #3: Locate the File:

Now locate the downloaded zANTI APK file (Normally it is in “Downloads” Folder).

  • Step #4: Install The APP & Set Permission:

Click on the zanti apk and install it, On Installation, it may ask to allow some permissions, give zanti all permissions. and Accept the ROOT PRIVILEGES to obtain fully functional zANTI.
After successfully authenticating zANTI will take you through a basic tutorial. and Check the box under Enable zANTI if you are fully authorized for penetration testing.


zANTI is a penetration testing and cyber security tool for experts. Don’t do any illegal attempts using this app. I’m just sharing this app for the educational purpose.

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I’m not responsible for any harmful use of zANTI APK. Using this app by non-professionals and noobies to harm other is illegal.