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War Robots mod apk is a handy action packed game that is getting love by millions of players. download it and enjoy unlimited money feature.
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Oct 28, 2021
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In history, wars have been fought with different weapons in different eras. But now, we are living in the postmodern era. In this advanced time, human beings have invented advanced weapons as well as robots. Now human beings don’t need to be present on the battlefield. Rather they only sit and let the robot fight against their enemies. 

If you are curious and passionate to fight a war through a robot, the War Robot is providing you the chance. It is an action shooting game of giant robots. You can fit them into your pocket. There are many robots in the game. You have to make a group of powerful robots and start an online war. You will see how rapidly the robots will kill your enemies.

War Robot story

Your role in the game will be as a powerful military commander who wants to participate in robot battles. There will be more great commanders around the world. You will be provided with a lot of robots. Every robot has certain and unique talents and abilities. You will choose the best and powerful robots as your warriors. You can also upgrade your robots and make them more powerful that can fight and destroy your opponents. The major goal of each battle is to defend the important beacons from rivals’ attacks. 

War Robot is not like other shooting games where you find your opponents and then shoot them. This is an advanced game where you will be provided a map through which you can find your rivals and defeat them. Additionally, you will be offered the gaming interface with an armory.

At the start, you will be given a single robot with a missile launcher and a simple gun. As the game proceeds, you can increase the number of robots as well as weapons. Use maximum and powerful weapons like missiles, ballistic, cannons, plasma, giant shotguns and destroy your opponents. 

Immense and powerful robots

There are more than 50 massive robots you can use in war. Some of the names are; Destrier, Gepard, Cossack, Gareth, GI. Patton, Gepard, Phantom, Leech, Behemoth, and Mercury. All the robots are very powerful and talented with great abilities to fight.

Features of War Robot Mod APK

Some of the features of War Robot Mod APK are as under:

  • Join weapons and robot

This is the most interesting and cool feature of the game. You can join the weapon along with the robot and make a powerful machine. You can choose the weapon and robot you want according to their qualities and capacities and make the machine as you desire.

  • Extraordinary designs

The designs of War Robot Mod APK are engaging and extraordinary. Once you start playing this game, you will become enamored with its design.

  • Simple to play

This is a simple and easy game. Even newbies can play this and enjoy the war among robots.

War Robot Mod APK 

It is not only a game but it will also provide you with a refreshing and exciting feeling when you will fight with your robots. But in the original version of this game, there are some restrictions and limitations. The APK Mod is the modified (cracked) version of this game. If you want to avail yourself of infinite features, you must download this version. You can access the following features unlimitedly.

  • Play this game without interruptions

You will not get stuck in advertisements again and again. In APK mod, all the ads have been blocked. Now you can play this game without any ads.

  • Destroy your rivals with unlimited missiles

In APK Mod, you will be delighted after having endless missiles and defeating your opponents at a moment. You can use never-ending missiles and kill the enemies fastly.

  • Infinite ammo

The most annoying thing in War Robot is the limited ammo. If you are a beginner and don’t know about the game, you must know how much ammo is there. The war robots provide only a few bullets. In this way, your gun will soon get overheated. To bypass this problem, you can download APK Mod. It will make you able to get unlimited ammo and you can play the game without interruption of overheating.

  • Unlimited money

By playing the APK Mod, you will have the chance to get unlimited money. You can use this money to upgrade your robots. You can also buy new more powerful and advanced war robots.


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