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Scary Teacher 3D is the most interesting and unique game. It is a horror simulator game with a complex plot. You must experience this refreshing gameplay. As the name expresses, Scary Teacher 3D is about a teacher who is the worst character.  Your goal is to teach her lessons for her wrong deeds. Although the theme of the game is horror, it is suitable for children of all ages.

About the game

The story of the game revolves around a high school teacher named Miss T. She has rude behavior with the children. She threats them, gives them physical punishment, and tortures them constantly. Miss T has changed her residence and started living in your neighborhood. Now, you have the chance to scare her and teach a lesson because you want to take revenge on this creepy teacher. 

It’s time to plan that how can you take revenge and tease Miss T. There are different activities you can do to tease her. You can trap and scare her by releasing different pets in her trap. The teacher will try to capture you but you must be very careful. You have to complete your missions within the allocated time. But if Miss T catches you, the mission will be failed. 

House of Miss T

There are 15 rooms in her house. All the rooms have some mystery. There is a basement with surprising things. You just have to go and explore her house. Investigate her crimes and set up pranks and tricks to scare her. While playing each level, you can explore the rooms carefully and find the tools and items. You have to make better use of your creativity and find ways to overcome a lot of challenges. You will be provided with a tracking tool. This tool can help you to check the movement of the terrible teacher when she will move towards you.

Mysterious rooms

You can access the teacher’s all 15 rooms. There are a lot of mysterious and surprising things and you will have to explore them. You will also have different experiences like solving different puzzles. 

Amazing modes

There is a lot of fun you will see in the Scary Teacher 3D while playing this game with different modes. all the modes are amazing and interesting.

  • Career mode

In career mode, there are multiple adventures with dozens of interesting stories and setups. You will explore the missions and plan to deal with the fierce teacher.

  • Teaser mode

In this mode, you can tease the terrible teacher right away in many ways. There are tons of items you can use against her. Make her scary by throwing scary creatures, prank items, cakes, and much more.

  • Multiplayer

If you want to enhance your fun and teach Miss T more, you can use this mode. Play online and include online gamers and your friends to double your fun.  

  • Daily rewards

All this fun is not enough in this game you will not only bother the cruel teacher constantly but also get daily rewards. To get the rewards, you don’t need to do anything.

Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

Although Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK is a free game with wonderful features. However, you will not be able to unlock all features and modes. So, the developers have made a cracked version of this game. They have made it easy for you to play the game with unlimited features and can have full fun.

Features of Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

Following are features of Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

  • Open world house

The massive house of Miss T is an open-world environment. You can move around its rooms and discover their mystery freely. In each room, you will find surprising things. 

  • A variety of tools and items to work with

Scary Teacher 3D has provided you with a variety of discoverable tools and items in the house of Miss T. you will find them within the house. These tools and items will help you to plan out different pranks for the frightening teacher.

  • Suitable for children of all ages 

We don’t allow our children to watch and play horror movies or games. But despite the horror theme, Scary Teacher 3D is suitable for children also. They will surely enjoy this creative and hilarious gameplay. There is no blood or gore effect, rather you will find the friendly and funny approaches.


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