Plants VS Zombies 2 Mod APK + OBB (Coins/Gems) for Android


Plants VS Zombies 2 is an amazing game with so many wonders. It is different from other games. Plants VS Zombies 2 will brighten up your leisure time.
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September 25, 2021
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The game is produced by the famous manufacturer and developer Electronic Arts (EA). This game has received a lot of praise from critics and game players across the world. It has also received many awards.

Story of the game

In Plants VS Zombies 2, there are a lot of exciting things that will surprise you. Zombies will come and attack your house. They aim to eat your brain. You will be a homeowner and try to keep your home as well as your brain secure from zombies. For this, you have to plant some specific plants. To achieve the plants, you have to pass the different rounds then you can unlock new plants. The plants have the ability to kill the zombies that will come closer to the home.

Dangerous zombies

You can also regenerate trees to make your home secure. For this purpose, you need the sun. There are some zombies called sun-sucking zombies.  If you fight with these zombies, they can take all the sun. In this situation, you will become vulnerable and zombies can attack you easily and take over your home. There will be an aggressive and dangerous encounter between zombies and plants. So, you will be very careful and plan the correct scheme to make you able to fight such dangerous zombies. They will make a siege around your home. You have to break it with your guns.

The zombies change differently according to their areas. With the passage of time, they will become more substantial and powerful. But you don’t need to worry. You will be provided with new corps with strong powers. With the help of these corps, you can withstand zombies. The zombies can construct tombstones that will protect them from your attacks.

Plants as brave warriors

Your role in the game will be as a farmer who grows plants on his earth. These plants will help you against zombies. To keep yourself and your home safe from zombies, you have to develop a plant life.  As they attack, the plants will start growing and begin to destroy zombies. There are a lot of plants having different effects. The plants are Squash, hypno-shroom, homing thistle, lava guava, hurrikale, peashooter, shrinking violet, sunflower, laser bean, and jalapeno.

All these plants will help you as warriors. These are the powerful fighting weapons you can use against your enemy zombies.

Map for each level

After completing the initial levels, you will see some locations. Here, the monsters are near to invade. Now, be alert, rearrange your house and choose the items to secure yourself and, then attack.

You will see many crises in the game that make the game more exciting. Without a crisis, you will get bored soon. So, to make this game interesting, you will be lost in Ancient Egypt in the past life. 

There will be ten keys you find around the space. You along with your home will set out on a journey to new lands in the future and the past. There are 25 to 38 levels on each land. You have to pass them all.

Modes of Plants VS Zombies 2

There are three modes in Plants VS Zombies 2; penny’s pursuit, arena, and play adventure. You have to collect enough trees to unlock each mode. Whatever mod you will open, a series of zombies will be waiting for you. You have to prevent them from breaking into your home from all sides. You can choose a place as an emergency boundary. If any monster enters your house, you cannot save anything.

Plants VS Zombies 2 Mod APK

APK Mod is the cracked version of Plants VS Zombies 2. In this mode, you can have all features like unlimited gems, unlimited money, unlimited coins, unlocked all the worlds, upgrades, unlimited plants.


There are unlimited features of this game. We will talk about a few features in detail:

  • Plot 

The plot of Plants VS Zombies 2 is really wonderful. You have to plant flora and a force to protect yourself from zombies.  You will find a thrilling story in the game.

  •  Creative

This game is superb and creative. The developer has made this game in an artistic way. You will learn a lot of new things.

  • Safe game

This game is quite safe and secure. There are no protection threats that can affect your privacy. You can download it.


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