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Who says war can’t be fantastic? In doodle Army- Mini Militia there is much fun at all. It’s the most interesting and multiplayer 2D shooting game. Mini Militia is an amazing game you can play online and offline.

It was released in April 2011. Initially, it was just for iOS devices then released in 2015 for the Android app. This is a free app. The users can reach every feature without paying anything. The developer company is Appsomniacs LLC, which is a famous company.

  • How to download Mini Militia on PC

You can download Doodle-Army 2 Mini Militia on Pc through BlueStacks. 

  1. Download the Bluestacks install on your PC.
  2. In the search bar of the play store, find the Doodle Army Mini Militia at the top right corner.
  3. Install from the search results.
  4. Complete the sign-in process (if you have skipped the 2nd step).
  5. Click the Mini Militia icon and start playing.
  • How to download Mini Militia on PC

You can download Doodle-Army 2 Mini Militia on Pc through BlueStacks. 

  1. Download the Bluestacks install on your PC.
  2. In the search bar of the play store, find the Doodle Army Mini Militia at the top right corner.
  3. Install from the search results.
  4. Complete the sign-in process (if you have skipped the 2nd step).
  5. Click the Mini Militia icon and start playing.
  • Features of Mini Militia Apk

Following are the features of Mini Militia:

  • Multiplayer 

Mini Militia games can be played as single-player or multiplayer. You can choose a training mode to sharpen your skills, and participate in the survival or multiplayer mode as you wish. It is an open-sourced and Browser-based video game. In multiplayer mode, it allows the users to form a team and play from distant locations. A maximum of 12 players can be played in this game.

  • Customization of character

You can customize the character as you want. He can make his way through world maps, vertical movements with rocket boots, health boosts, and futuristic heavy weapons.

  • Training mode

At the start, you will be in the training mode of the game. you will be given training by a trainer. The trainer (Sarge) will prepare you for weapon usage and movements. After training, the players will be ready to enter the battlefield and play the game with ease.

  • How to play Mini Militia Mod Apk

Mini Militia is a war-based game in which the player is a “wanted man” and he must avoid opposing characters. No doubt its main purpose is just fun.

  1. Download the game on your device
  2. Select the training mod(Local)
  3. Select any mode for example SURVIVAL CO-OP
  4. Tap on LAN/WIFI
  5. Chose the “HOST” option on the lower right corner to create room
  6. Your friends who will be connected to the same wifi/ LAN can join you.

The admin ( who has created the room) will have access to select:

  1. The map
  2.  Number of players
  3. Time-limit
  • How to invite friends on Mini Militia?

Let’s find it out how to invite them:

  1. Download Mini Militia on your Android mobile or iOS device.
  2. Select the “play online” option.
  3. Choose the “custom game”.
  4. Choose any server as you desire.
  5. Tap on “host” at the left corner to create your room.
  6. Write the name of the room.
  7. You can select the padlock icon to make your room private and enter the password.
  8. Choose the “create” option.
  9. Now tell your friends about the server name, your room name, and the password.

You will be able to control the following features as a host because you have created the room.

  1. Players
  2. Password
  3. The Map
  4. Kick and ban any player
  • How can you join your friends

Mini Militia has become a more interesting game with your friends. To join your friends see these steps

  • Download the Mini Militia on your device.
  • Tap on play online.
  • Select the option of custom game.
  • Join the server your friend told you.
  • Search the room by the name.
  • When you find the desired room, tap on join.
  •  Tips and Tricks

No doubt Doodle-Play Mini Militia is quite simple and easy to play. But somehow new players can find a harsh difficulty to play it. By following some strategic tips you will be able to boost your game and rank higher. Pro players often use these strategies that will help you to triumph over the game.

  1. Load yourself with good weapons and guns instead of rushing to attack soon. 
  2. Attack on players in combat, you will reach easily due to their low health.
  3. As you get a chance to fill up yourself with two guns, you should double the guns. Because having more weapons will give you more power to put down your enemies. Sniper and Shotgun can be one the best combination for short and long-range.
  4. Committing suicide is better if your health is poor and you feel that enemies are approaching you.
  5. To get a point, you must shoot some bullets at the lagging player you find. He will die after lagging and you will get the point.
  6. Hide and wait for the life boost if your health is poor instead of rushing to attack.
  7. Use grenades carefully. Use it to kill the enemies even if you are near to death. Maybe you die, but you will also get a point.
  • More versions of Mini Militia

You can have some more versions of Mini Militia and enhance your fun by playing different games on them. These versions are:

  • Features of Mega Mod APK

This mod is for those who want a full cracked version of Mini Militia. In this version, you will find unlimited grenades, nitro, and health. In this mode, there is a feature of One-Shot Kill. You can kill the enemies with just one bullet.  Otherwise, you need at least 5-6 shots to kill the enemies.

  • Features of Mega Mod APK

The features of Mega Mod APK are:

  1. Infinite boost
  2. One-Shot Kill
  3. High damage bullets
  4. Unlimited health and Ammo
  • Unlimited Health Mod APK 

This is the common mod of this game. The name itself tells about the game. You will have unlimited health while playing the game. It means, despite being constantly knocked by your enemies, you will never lose your health and remain fit. The drawback of this version is that your enemies will come to know that you have unlimited health, so they can leave the match.

  • Features of unlimited Health Mod APK 

The features of unlimited Health Mod APK are:

  1. Unlimited ammo
  2. Increase battle points
  3. Unlimited health
  4. All maps unlocked
  • Unlimited Nitro and Ammo Mod APK

This mod is liked by many players. You can play as a normal player and your opponent can’t recognize you. You will play online and your opponent will not leave the game. With unlimited ammo, you will not require different guns for recoiling. You can play with your favorite gun. You can also fly as long as you want with the help of unlimited nitro.

  • Features of Nitro and Ammo Mod APK

The features of Nitro and Ammo Mod APK are:

  1. Undetectable hacks
  2. Rare guns unlocked
  3. Infinite jetpack and ammo
  • Wall Hack Mod APK

enemies cannot knock you. But you can still see all the players and can also shoot them easily. One more thing in this mod is that, if someone kills you, your armor and guns constantly float through the walls.

This mod can be useful in “capture the flag” mode. Here, you will have to collect the flag of enemies to bring it to your area.

  • Features of Wall Hack Mod APK

Here are some features of Wall Hack Mod APK:

  1. Unlimited ammo
  2. Pass Through the wall
  3. Infinite intro
  4. Kill opponents without being seen
  • Double Gun Mod APK

At a time, you can only pick up a single gun. If you want to use more than one gun at the same moment like a sniper with SMG or flamethrower, then this mode is the best option for you. Remember, you must choose the best combination of the guns. In this way, you can fight close-range as well as long-range combat battles. You can also name a double gun technique as Dual Wielding in which you can take two guns in your hands.

  • Features of Double Gun Mod APK

The features of Double Gun Mod APK are as under:

  1. Unlimited nitro
  2. Dual gun access
  3. Pro guns unlocked
  4. No recoil, unlimited ammo
  • Invisible Mod APK

If you want to become invisible while playing the game. This mode is for you. You will become a ghost that means other players can’t see you. But you still see and kill them eventually. In APK Editor, you can edit the doodle army 2 and generate your invisible mod. In this mod, you can also use other hacks such as unlimited health, unlimited nitro, and wallhacks.

  • Features of  Invisible Mod APK

Following are the features of Invisible Mod APK:

  1. Unlimited grenades
  2. Unlimited nitro
  3. Ghost mode activated
  4. Pro pack unlocked
  • Device Requirement 

Your device must have the following specifications for Mini Militia Mod.

  • Android version

Your device must be android with android 5.0+ version.

  • Processor

The processor must be any snapdragon.

  • RAM

RAM must be 1GM.

  • Root

Mini Militia doesn’t need root access.

  • Conclusion of MINI MILITIA – Doodle Army

Be ready to release all the stress and take part in this attractive and exciting game. Play and make fun with this game, in crazy and unusual situations, at the time of war.


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