Last Shelter Survival Mod APK [Unlimited Diamonds + Gems] Free for Android

Last Shelter Survival Mod APK [Unlimited Diamonds + Gems] Free for Android

Last Shelter Survival is an action and strategy game that you might not play before. It is unique and different from other games. In this game, there is wartime and apocalypse have come. There are monsters called zombies that have spread across the world. 

Cities have been ruined and destroyed. People who are left alive, are injured and helpless having no food, shelter, or other resources to survive their life. In short, everything is destroyed. In this situation, you will be the leader to help the people and take them out of this difficult time. You, as the leader of a small area, will fight for them. You will lead your survivors and lessen their pains.

Create and manage survival shelter

The Zombie virus has spread everywhere. People are at high risk, and you have to arrange supplies to survive them. Things have become worse. As a commander, your goal is to survive and shelter your people. For this, you have to make strategies to provide the people again with what they have lost.

Rebuild shelter

After the war, the cities are ruined and destroyed badly. You have to rebuild them as shelters. Make a strategy to develop your city. Make roads, build houses and help the people to take refuge there. You have to set a foundation for the new civilization and make people able to arise from the ashes and become a powerful nation.

You have to provide new facilities and resources to the workers so that they can start their jobs. You will see how many resources you have and how to spend them. Construct defenses to protect people from zombies’ attacks. 

On the one hand, you will survive people and provide them with shelters. While on the other hand, you will fight your enemies and conquer new lands. Recruit more force and make war to defeat the world. Fight your opponents and make more territories.

There are different levels you will achieve after each mission. You can upgrade buildings, defenses, and troops after each level. By upgrading, you can increase your productivity, troops’ powers, and defense capabilities. However, it will take time to upgrade all this. 

You should be very careful while playing the game because here the matter is about life and death. Your single wrong decision can create a big problem for the life of people. 

Choose your commander class 

You will see multiple classes of different commanders. You have to pick one class to start the adventures of surviving shelter. Choose the most suitable class that can survive the people and provide them all the facilities and resources to restart their life activities. There will also be some boosts that will work for you to face the challenges. You can use them to assist your troops, boost your economy, and for other purposes. 

Different units 

There are a variety of interesting units of different categories. Each unit has its unique abilities and powers. You can choose any variety to field on your armies. Make your warriors ready to fight against the zombies. You will also have the shooters that will help you to kill the monsters by shooting them. Moreover, you will have many war vessels and vehicles which you can use against your rivals. You will have a lot of equipment to use on the battlefield.

Recruit heroes to lead the army

Along with different units, there are also a lot of heroes to lead the army into glories and victories. The heroes have their unique powers and abilities. You can select the most suitable heroes for your force. You can upgrade them as well like your troops and make them more strong and capable to fight against the monsters.

Last Shelter Survival Mod APK

Last Shelter Survival is a free game to play on androids with wonderful and exciting features. However, some of its features are premium and locked. To unlock those features, you will have to purchase them. The APK Mod is the cracked (modified) version of this game. You can download it to avail all of its features unlimited and free. Moreover, the developers have blocked the ads in this version. So, you need not worry because of ads.

Features of Last Shelter Survival Mod APK

There are a lot of features in this game. Though, some of them are below:

  • Missions and objectives

You will find a lot of missions that are simple to complex base. At the start, pick up the initial missions that will give you complete guides and insights on how will you survive in the world war. After completing these easy missions, you will pick up the tougher challenges and missions to claim more resources. Additionally, there are many more interesting objectives you can pick up daily and have a lot of fun. 

  • Monthly events

There are also many interesting and exciting monthly events you can participate in and amuse yourself. Explore those events and help your commanders to conquer the lands. By doing so, you will have the chance to earn surprising rewards.

  • Graphics

The graphics and animation of the Last Shelter Survival are stunning and astonishing. While playing the game, you will feel the real world. Scenery and colors are designed beautifully in an artistic way. Heroes, the base, world maps, all are designed particularly. Its content is appealing and compelling that will make you addicted to this game. 


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