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If you want to kill your leisure time in some entertaining activity then you should play a game. We have brought a new game for you. Yes, this is Idle Heroes. There are skilled and talented heroes that will help you to defeat your rivals.

Idle Heroes is an outstanding game that is liked by thousands of gamers. It was developed in 2016 by DHGAMES. It has grabbed the attention of people. It has a lot of features but one of its features makes it unique from other games. That is the idle system. You can leave your mobile for a while when you don’t want to play. During this time, your heroes will be trained and prepared for the fight against your opponents.

About the Game

While playing Idle Heroes, you have to train your heroes to do battle with your rivals across the world. You can set the training of your heroes and put your phone aside. After a few hours, when you come back, you will find stronger and powerful heroes to face your opponents. In this way, this game skips the boring part and allows you to do the action.

You will find a lot of characters you can recruit while playing the game. You can recruit an entire bunch of heroes to do battle on your behalf. The ranking of the heroes is from one to five stars and you can level them up.

Features of Idle Heroes Mod APK

There are countless features of this game to attract its players around the world. Here we will discuss some of the features of Idle Heroes Mod APK:

  • Evolving technique

There are more than 200 heroes with certain abilities and talents. Call your heroes, train them, and make them highly effective warriors. They will help you to achieve victory. You can also change their clothes. You can train them and evolve their strength and abilities.

  • Guilds

You can join guilds and do battle against your enemies to gain full control of the continent. You can also make your guild. Train your heroes and make a team of your buddies. In this way, you can make a guide. Do battle with other heroes across the world. 

  • Idle system

As the name expresses, there is an idle system. It means that you can set the training of your heroes and leave your mobile. When you return to your phone, they will be powerful with new skills and ready for the fight. So, you can grow and train a strong squad of warriors for the battle.

Tricks for playing the game

If you are new to Idle Heroes, the following tricks and tips will help you to play the game with full amusement:

  • Free 5-star hero

At the start, there is an option through which you can register an account. After registration, you will be given a 5-star hero at no cost. This hero will help you in the whole game. These types of heroes are rare in the game, so the account registration is worth doing.

  • Use the Aspen Dungeon

While playing the game every 48 hours, there is an option to do battle in the Aspen Dungeon with waves of enemies. After this battle, you can achieve a lot of rewards and experience of fighting.

  • Login every day

If you log in daily to play Idle Heroes, you will be given rewards. It is not necessary to play the game for long. Rather, logging in is important only.

  • Don’t worry about low-rank heroes

If your hero’s rank is less than 4-stars, you don’t need to bother at all. They will be declined as useless.

  • Use demon potions to kill the healers

In the Idle Heroes game, you will see that the healers are the hardest rivals to kill. But don’t worry about it. You can use demon potions and get excessive energy. In this way, you can summon devastating attacks and put down the healer.

  • Idle Heroes Mod APK

Idle Heroes is a free game to play on your android phone. It has stunning features but some of its features are premium. You will have to buy them in order to unlock them. APK Mod has made it easy to get all premium features and enjoy this game as much as you want. Kill your spare time in this wonderful activity and see how to destroy your enemies.


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