Gangstar Vegas Mod APK + OBB (Unlimited money + diamond/VIP 10)


Gangstar Vegas (MOD APK, Unlimited Money/VIP 10) is an adventure game that gives players the most excitement when becoming an influenced gangster in Vegas.
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Gameloft SE
Sep 30, 2021
Android 4.1+
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If you like action games where the fight is done through guns, this choice is for you. Gangstar Vegas is an action game. It is issued by Gameloft. In this game, your position will be as a boss, and people around you will try to defeat you. You will have a huge collection of guns to use during the war. The main target of the game is to destroy your enemies and become the boss of that world. 

You will have to find the cities and make raids. There will be crashes, shootings, and fights in the streets. You will also see the driving cars across the city. You have to utilize your talent and skills to destroy them. You will have a specific gun as an armament that will protect you. You have to shoot your formidable enemies, smash their cars and ruin them completely. But, at the same moment, you must keep yourself safe. Your opponents will also attack you constantly. Pay full attention to them and keep firing. There will be a scene of action-adventure where you will kill a series of your enemies. You just need to become the powerful hero challenging and stabbing all his enemies.

  • The Character of the Tycoon

In this challenging game, you will be like a tycoon. Take part in car races, make a robbery in a bank to get money. You can use this money to purchase more supercars for races. Buy a camera to inspect the entire city. You have to explore every single action within the game. Attack back at strong gangs. As a tycoon, you will wander everywhere within the city and always confront your enemies. Attack them promptly before they target you. There will be a bloody atmosphere in the gangster city.

  • Weapons

In this action game, a lot of weapons are used during a fight. There are flamethrowers, cannons, missiles, tanks, guns, swords drones, and bombs. For races, there are warplanes and armored cars. You must know the best use of all weapons at the right time at the right place. Just target them and attack without wasting even a second. As a boss wearing different costumes, like mafia king, zombie gagster, and vegas, you will be unique and distinct in your appearance as well as traits.

  • Mafia Boss

In this game, your role will be as a mafia boss. You will be chased and followed by people. They will always be around you to harm you. But you will have the authority to confront them by looting, racing, bombardment, etc. Don’t stay in dangerous places. Rather, keep yourself safe from the direct attack by the opponents. You will also have the choice to kill people collectively. You can use weaponry and blast your opponents to bits with laser and plasma. There will be more alien weaponry, guns, and all types of crazy cars in the Gangstar Vegas.

  • Tips for playing the game

Below are some tips you can follow to play the game in a better way and get success.

  • Fun and shoot

In this game, running and shooting are a solid combination. Don’t stay in one place instead you have to run to save yourself from your enemies. You will also run to chase the rivals if they try to run.  

  • Buy ammo, armor, and health in different missions

Find the store and buy ammo, medkits, and armor for different missions. If you feel that your health is not good, you can also buy it and make yourself a healthy person. In this way, you can complete all your missions with armor, ammo, and health.

  • Upgrade weapons

Always try to upgrade your weapons. If you can buy a new gun or any other weapon that is more advanced and powerful, then buy it for yourself. Your weapons should be stronger than your rivals’ weapons.

  • Gangstar Vegas Mod APK

Gangstar Vegas is a game of action. If you try, you will love it at most. You can play it as a free game but there are some premium features. For those, you have to pay money. All gamers can’t afford the money. So, some developers have cracked this game. Now they offer you to play it with all unlocked features and have great fun. To get it free with unlimited unlocked features, you can download its Mod of APK. There is no ad in this mod.


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