Game of Sultans Mod APK (vip-unlimited money-diamonds) No ads

Game of Sultans Mod APK (vip-unlimited money-diamonds) No ads

The game of Sultan is an exciting and convincing game in which you can encounter the real Sultan, a king of the Middle East and Europe. Sultan is the character everyone wants to adopt. The game of Sultan has brought for you an opportunity to become an empire like Sultan. 

In history, there was the monarchy system of government. The sultans, kings, and queens rule over their kingdom and lead them. They were responsible for every affair or matter that happened within their land. They built relations with other nations as well. They lived a luxurious life in a big palace where many servants were present to serve them.

In the present era, there are still some countries where the monarchy system is alive. If you have a dream to live a life like a ruler, this game is perfectly for you. Defeat your opponents and become sultan to rule over the entire world.

In the game, you will immerse in military strategies, brutal wars, empire management, flirtatious romance, political intrigue, and much more. The main target in this game is to make your foe defeated and get the emperor.

The storyline of the Game of Sultans

You will have to build the castles and recruit a team against your enemies. Train your army and make them the best warriors to fight for you. You have to command the army and give them the right order at the right time. For this purpose, you have to make the best and most effective strategies. 

Life of a Sultan

While playing the game, you will adopt a lavish lifestyle like sultan that make you addicted to this game. It will make you want to play the game again and again. Being a real sultan, you will live in the palace and rule your emperor as you will want. 

You can also enhance your wardrobe by purchasing new costumes. There are a lot of ravishing outfits you can buy. For this, you will spend the coins you will earn after completing different tasks. There will be your companions as well as foes. 

Being a head of a kingdom or domain is a very big responsibility. You must be more practical and careful while playing the game. You will rule over and lead your empire to success. Here, you have to make decisions over different matters, meet beautiful females, and combine with other nations. 

You will manage all the matters of your kingdom and also manage the forreign diplomacy. The ultimate goal of this game is to conquer the entire world and snatch the cap from your opponents to become a sultan.


The Game of Sultan is developed with stunning animation 3D graphics. You will feel every inch of this game so real. In fact, you will enjoy the character of sultan the most.


One of the best features of this game is that the whole story of the Game of Sultan is narrated before the start of the game. The narration is clear and simple that will help the newbies to fully understand the plot of the game.

The Game of Sultan is not only for your entertainment but it will also enhance your ability to make strategies in different matters. As a sultan, you will utilize your skills for managing the empire, engaging in wars, and securing your endowment through your heirs. 

Raise your family

You will get the experience of a real sultan in the game. In the same way, you will have a family like females you can romance with them. You will also have little kids to bring them up. They will be your heirs and you will make them prepared for the future empire. 

Game of Sultans Mod APK

Game of Sultans is a free game with wonderful features but some of its features are locked because they are premium features. To avail all the features, you can download the APK Mod of this game. In this mod, you will find everything unlimited with no restriction. It is auto-updated and easy to install. Additionally, you will not require root for it. You have not to bother any more because of constant ads because this version has blocked all the ads.

Features of the Game of Sultan Mod APK 

Some of the features of this game are as under:

  • Imitation of the world

This game is an outstanding imitation of the world. It elaborates the sense of responsibilities and power based on the hierarchy system in the empire with commander, warriors, researcher, governor, teachers, and citizens.

  • Multiple rewards

The game of sultan offers you multiple rewards after completing different tasks. The rewards are like chest or VIP tickets, money, gems, coins and much more. 

  • A lot of events

This is an interesting game with unlimited events. You can organise the events as the kings and sultans do like Christmas, the new year, and Easter.


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