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Downloading Adorable Home MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a way many players choose when they want a game to help them relax every day.
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If you want to shift your boring lifestyle to an adorable home, then this game is for you. To get rid of all the stress of life, cut off all chaos, and join this adorable home game. On social media gossip, this game is becoming more and more popular today. It’s a stimulating, relaxing, and addicting game. You can not stop playing even after an hour.

Adorable home is basically a stimulating game developed by a famous company “HyperBeard”. Its cost is free. It was recently updated on sep 29, 2021. The current version of the game is 1.15.3. You can play it offline, needing no license and roots.

  • Story of Adorable Home 

In this game, you start your life as a newlywed couple with your pets and live out of the city. Chilling lifestyle, doing house chores, and playing with pets create more fun. You can make all changes in this new home as you desire. Feel free to take a look at its surroundings like a garden and enjoy other features. Clean up and decorate your adorable home as you wish.

  • Pets in Adorable Home

Adorable pets will always be with you, the silly cat named Snow is a furry companion. You can instantly start playing with snow when you start the game. You can be involved in different activities in your cat’s company. Cuddling, feeding, and cutting his nails will be more fun. This pet will bring challenging and rewarding chapters into your life. You can buy more cats to play with them.

  • How to play Adorable Home

Before starting the game you have to choose a character from the existing one. You can select your partner as well as gender from given characters that have an individual look. You can select the look for you and your partner with whom you want to spend your whole life. Then the game starts with moving to a new house along with your partner and pet snow. At the start, you will have an empty house. Fill it up with love, beauty, and comfort. Living in this home is so relaxing, but there are some challenges as well. The sequence is not as complex as other games. As you proceed, you will find different activities. You will consider each activity as a mini-game.

  • Adorable Home Mod money

As the new couple has to set their house along with all items, they have to buy new things. But how? The answer is they can buy everything according to their desire from specific money that is love hearts. They can collect hearts by cleaning home, making dinner, and playing with snow.

  • Features of Adorable Home

Below are some adorable features specified in this game.

  • Love as Currency

In this game, the number of hearts represents currency. You can get these hearts by watching TV, doing house chores, and taking care of pets. You can also get extra hearts by watching ads. These love hearts allow you to buy anything you need.

  • Animated Graphics

One of the most remarkable features is the high-quality animation. These animated graphics are more eye-catching.

  • High-Quality Sound Effects

Adorable Home has relaxing sound effects. If you love the natural and peaceful sounds, then this game will be for you beyond any doubt. 

Tips for adorable home

Though the game looks quite easy, for challenging aspects of the game, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Be conscious about pets feed

As in real life, you have to be conscious about pet feed. Be careful, that the bowl of food should be full all time. If you can afford then feed them higher-quality food to get more rewards.

  • Prepare Bento box for your partner

As your job is to take care of your house, pets, and your better half, you have to make a bento box for your companion when he/she goes to work. The high-quality food will get more hearts when your partner likes it.

  • Watch video ads to get more hearts

If you want to get extra hearts quickly, then tap on the top right corner and press +button to watch the video ad. One video ad will give you 50 hearts and by watching ten videos, you will be given 50 hearts.

  • FAQs Related to Adorable Home Mod APK

You have to wait for five days to buy that.

yes, of course, you can buy unlimited hearts with money.

It is a single-player game.

  • Conclusion of Adorable Home Mod APK !

In a net shell, Adorable Home is an interesting, relaxing, and attractive stimulating game. You will experience adorable and relaxing entertainment. A modified version of the game provides you with various options and unlimited money to buy anything you need. Download the game from the Google play store and have endless fun.


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